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Adopt A Platoon

To be grateful is a trait all of us must foster under any circumstances, even more so if our support and appreciation makes a huge difference to our troops fighting at the battle front risking their lives for their nation. Adopt a Platoon was founded in the year 1998 for this very purpose. This nonprofit, volunteer based organization was founded by Ida Hagg, who is also the recipient of Freddy Fender Humanitarian Award in the year 2010.

This organization was founded with the sole purpose of ensuring that United States men and women in the service of nation are always remembered and appreciated by all citizens of the country. Appreciative thoughts and feelings expressed through well written cards and letters always spread happiness and cheer and no one deserves happiness and joy more than the military men and women who fight with their lives to defend and save our nation. Letters and cards received from millions of people around the country help lift the morale of the troops and show appreciation for their sacrifice and sincere dedication to duty. Mail support system provided by Adopt a Platoon meets the needs of military requests by creating and establishing projects specifically geared towards benefiting deployed military troops.

For example, the AAP Walking Wounded Project serves troops injured at the battlefront and also assists veteran national heroes. This organization, since its inception, has enjoyed tremendous response from millions of people around the country.
United States Army Association’s local chapter is always on the lookout for individuals, groups or organizations to sponsor troops deployed. Currently, this fall, 3500 troops are all set to be deployed to Afghanistan and the chapter is on the lookout for sponsors who will provide a link for the soldiers.

Through this link, soldiers will receive good will messages in the form of letters, emails, holiday cards and birthday cards and also receive small care packages as and when possible. Whatever we do for our troops is small enough when we consider the magnitude of their sacrifice. Through organizations such as Adopt a Platoon, we can connect to a group of soldiers and adopt them prior to deployment.

To find the link to this and many other military aid and charity organizations, please visit the Military Links & Resources page.

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