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Air Force Aid Society

The Air Force Aid Society is a nonprofit, private organization founded in 1942 with an aim to offering emergency assistance, community enhancement programs and education assistance programs for Air Force personnel and family members. As the official US Air Force charity, an example of assistance provided to Air Force members and families by the Air Force Aid Society is that it can help financially stressed airmen and dependents have access to an education. The root of this organization can be traced to the World War II Army Air Forces and the original Army Air Corps where members aimed at taking care of themselves.

From the time of its inception, this organization has been effectively financing and taking care of those who faced personal emergencies. The organization has also aided commanders with solving of problems related to personnel in their units. Throughout the years, numerous members have been hugely benefited by the AFAS, a nonprofit organization. Used only for assistance during emergencies, contributions are increasingly being made by active force members. This strong support reinforces their commitment towards the program. Relationship between the Air Force officials and the society is closely maintained, although no government assistance is received by the AFAS.

The AFAS command chain manages the activities of AFAS on a decentralized basis through the USAF stations and bases around the world though the organization has a small base in Washington D.C. Programs of the AFAS are administered by the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff who issues the necessary instructions. Key leaders from the Air Force form the AFAS board of trustees. This board frames policies that govern the operations of this organization. This board is also responsible for disposition and control of the funds and property of the AFAS.

There are a minimum of 18 members at any given time actively represented by the Chief of Staff, DCS Manpower and Personnel, AF office of Financial Mgmt secretary, Surgeon General, CMSgt of the Air Force and Judge Advocate General. The annual trustee meeting of this organization is held at the pentagon by the honorary voting member, the Secretary of the Air Force. At the grass root level, responsive programs are provided by first sergeants, commanders, AFAS personnel, supervisors and officials of the Personal Financial Readiness or PFR.

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