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Air Force Enlisted Village

With a mission to provide a secure and safe place for air force personnel’s surviving spouse, the Air Force Enlisted Village was conceptualized and established in the 1967. The main aim of this organization, which was once known as the Air Force Enlisted Widows, is to provide housing and financial assistance to the surviving wives of Airmen lost in action. Priority is given to those who are most in need of financial assistance and care. Many spouses are found to be without home equities, careers, assets or retirement plans due to frequent military shifts and low pay. Subsidized housing facilities are offered for surviving spouses who live together in harmony reliving the memories of Air Force life.

This initiative was set into motion after it was found in a survey that at least fifty thousand widows were living in poverty. In an effort to correct this situation, Mrs. John D. Ryan, along with the USAF Chief of Staff and a number of Air Force active and retired NCO’s, started this organization. Air Force surviving member’s spouses were provided a home by this foundation originally incorporated in 1968 in Washington DC.

The aim of this organization is to offer assistance in terms of finance and home to surviving spouses on the basis of priority. Apart from spouses, active duty members are also helped by this organization. For spouses of members who die on duty, the organization provides temporary housing. Then, depending on the availability of space, parents or dependant members or spouses of the active duty members are provided with permanent housing.

Located close to Hurlburt Field and Eglin Air Force Base, housing is provided at two different locations; the Bob Hope Village in Shalimar and Teresa Village in Fort Walton Beach. A lot of amenities are provided for residents at the Hawthorn House, which is in the Bob Hope Village and has a total of 64 apartments. The organization continues to strive to provide assisted care to members of families of soldiers who have died for their country.

To find the link to this and many other military aid and charity organizations, please visit the Military Links & Resources page.

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