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American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA)

The American Gulf War Veterans Association or AGWVA was established for providing effective treatment for service members and dependents suffering from the Gulf War Illness. Startling revelations have been brought to light about how the fighting men and women were used for experimentation purposes without prior knowledge or consent. They’ve suffered from radiation poisoning due to exposure to depleted uranium and may have been exposed to harmful biological and chemical agents. These facts have spurred this organization to fight for their cause and help them obtain compensation and justice for their sufferings.

The illness brought over by the fighting troops is spreading among the general population and no measures are being taken to control its spread through channels such as blood supply. The American Gulf War Veterans Association has been fighting for the cause of suffering gulf war veterans and has been striving hard to find the truth. This organization has been collecting vital documentation proof over the years.

Gulf war veterans have not received any support from government agencies or from media and the AGWVA seem to be its only hope. Though millions of dollars have gone into research on the Gulf War Illness, nothing has so far been allocated for the treatment of the suffering service men. AGWVA is dedicated to bringing the truth to the surface for all Americans to see.

The spokesperson of this organization, Ms. Riley, was previously a staff nurse specializing in medical surgical nursing, nursing administration and organ transplantation. She has been testifying for defense and plaintiff on various medical malpractice cases for the past ten years. She has flown on C-130 missions in her capacity as the United States Air Force captain supporting Operation Desert Storm. As AGWVA’s spokesperson, Ms. Riley, in her capacity as a representative of this organization is committed to providing information and education for the Gulf War veterans and encourages them to reach out for treatment.

To find the link to this and many other military aid and charity organizations, please visit the Military Links & Resources page.

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