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Any Soldier

Any Soldier was conceptualized by Marty and Sue Horn both of whom had served in the military and understood the feelings of soldiers who did not receive any mail or care packages from home, or even worse, did not have a home from where they could receive any messages.

When their son Brian Horn, Army Sergeant called them on 26th March, 2003 after five months of being parachuted into the Northern Iraq enemy territory asking them for more care packages for others, Marty and Sue Horn understood why he was doing that and decided to start Any Soldier to send support letters and emails to fighting soldiers who desperately needed them.

They were surprised by the phenomenal response received from millions of people around the world on their website anysoldier.com. The project took off on the right foot and went on to grow at a great pace. Owing to the growing success of this venture, other military branches approached Any Soldier for help and soon they were distributing at least 3500 Any Soldier packages through seven military contacts.

The venture was on its way to being a phenomenal success and soon grew in stature from its humble beginnings. Today, Any Soldier has related websites namely the Any Coast Guardsman, Any Sailor, Any Airman and Any Marine that continue to serve millions of troops in different locations.

AnySoldier’s contribution to the troops is being greatly appreciated by the troops themselves. Service men and women express awe and gratitude at the overwhelming support offered by this venture. According to them, it is the packages they receive that keeps them going and keeps their morale high.

Today AnySoldier focuses on many other projects such as helping to bring attention to desperate need for textbooks and medical supplies in Iraq, importing wheelchairs for Afghani children who are crippled and assisting marines who are recuperating from injuries. Supporters send numerous packages that contribute towards distribution of books, toys and other necessary supplies to civilians who live in the war zone.

To find the link to this and many other military aid and charity organizations, please visit the Military Links & Resources page.

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