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Armed Forces Relief Trust

Military servicemen take a great risk with their lives in order to protect their country against terrorism and war. In the process, they suffer many hardships both financial and personal. To provide support for servicemen and women who are engaged in the mission to fight terrorism, the AFR trust was founded.

This organization came into existence supported by other entities such as the four Military Aid Societies. This trust has since been providing support and help to servicemen who sacrifice their lives in fighting terrorism. The Armed Forces Relief Trust is a nonprofit organization that helps disburse the donations collected in support of the servicemen and their families. 

Funds and donations collected are used exclusively for the benefit or armed forces that include paying for servicemen to visit their homes for father’s funeral, to offer medical assistance for expecting spouses, to pay for a financially stressed soldier’s child’s education.
The Armed Forces Relief Trust depends entirely on the support from public to meet the needs of fighting troops. Individuals or businesses donating money to this trust have the option of choosing a particular preferred aid society or choose the option of dividing the funds among the four relief organizations.

Equally distributed among the four aid societies, donations reach the fighting troops and their families. Aid societies have their own methods of disbursing the aid but all of them work along the same goal of ensuring that the troops and families receive essential assistance in times of emergencies as well to meet their day to day needs. In a nutshell, the Armed Forces Relief Trust provides relief for families of servicemen under emergency situations, for medical emergencies, transportation requirements and education.

Since the time this organization has been founded, it has been receiving tremendous support from people and has been helping troops and families lead comfortable lives.

To find the link to this and many other military aid and charity organizations, please visit the Military Links & Resources page.

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