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Army Emergency Relief

With an aim to help fighting soldiers and their families, the Army Emergency Relief was founded by the Army Chief of Staff and the Secretary of War in the year 1942. This nonprofit organization offers emergency financial assistance for soldiers and their dependents and operates with a view to making the army self sufficient.

Commanders provide moral support to both retired and active soldiers who require emergency assistance. With access to unlimited funds, commanders have the responsibility of determining the validity of needs and disbursing assistance. Major Commanders with assistance from organization commanders within the army are therefore given the responsibility of handling the AER assistance program.

There are different criteria that determine the eligibility of soldiers for Army Emergency Relief assistance :

  • In order to reach out for help from this organization for themselves or their dependents, soldiers must be on extended duty
  • Soldiers of the US Army Reserve or the Army National Guard who have served sections of the United States Code Title 10 or those who are on AD for training on active duty for more than a month
  • Soldiers who are forced to retire from duty due to various factors such as reaching the age of sixty, physical disability or longevity
  • Orphans or widows of soldiers who gave their lives for the country while on duty

Army Emergency Relief offers assistance for soldiers in the form of rent, food and utilities, medical and dental expenses, funeral expenses, vehicle repair and transportation assistance during emergencies, education scholarships at the under graduate level for children of soldiers depending on their specific financial needs and financial assistance for soldiers in case of delay in pay or theft.
The AER assistance programs are supported by various sources including civilian and soldier contributions, investment income, income from repayment of the interest free loans and unsolicited contributions. 

It is during the annual fund campaign that donations are collected from voluntary contributions from soldiers retired as well as those who are on active duty. Throughout the year, contributions are welcome from any organization or individual.

To find the link to this and many other military aid and charity organizations, please visit the Military Links & Resources page.

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