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Blinded American Veterans Foundation (BAVF)

John Fales of the USMC, Dennis Wyant of the USN and Don Garner of the USN founded the Blinded American Veterans Foundation in 1985. All three of them lost their eyesight on active duty during their service at Vietnam and Korea.

The foundation stands on three major goals namely Rehabilitation, Research and Re-employment and aims at providing opportunities for veterans with sensory disabilities. BAVF predominantly concentrates on:

  • Conducting outreach programs to identify any important issues pertaining to veterans who have lost their eyesight on duty
  • Conducting research on sensory disabilities and focusing on development of improved sensory prosthetics
  • Assist veterans who have lost their eyesight by developing a nationwide volunteer corps
  • Offering informational programs for the Congress and State Legislatures, State and Federal government agencies, business and private sector and the general public

Since this organization has been founded, it has been enjoying significant achievements in providing effective rehabilitation programs, achieving its research goals and providing opportunities for re-employment. At least 2500 veterans who are blinded have been offered greater independence and mobility through the Americane, the sensory aid developed through BAVF research grants. This aid is certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Budget shortfalls have been covered, computer training capabilities have been enhanced and visual impairment coordinators have been assisted apart from establishment of education trust funds, by the foundation through receipts of direct financial grants to Blind Rehabilitation Clinics and Centers and to VAMC.

In order to educate the blind veterans on the range of benefits available to them, they are given the Veterans Benefit Handbook’s audio version. This organization has been able to achieve its goals only through the selfless service of its volunteers. This organization exclusively depends on the selfless service provided by volunteers. This has kept the flame lit by the founders alive and has helped BAVF achieve its goals to a great extent.

To find the link to this and many other military aid and charity organizations, please visit the Military Links & Resources page.

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