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Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA)

With the sole purpose of providing the Coast Guard community with financial assistance the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, a nonprofit organization was founded and is today headquartered in Washington DC. This organization is administered by the Board of Control, duty station representatives and CGMA-HQ staff.

The Coast Guard Mutual Assistance or CGMA has been working towards fostering a feeling of well being by promoting financial stability among those it serves. It specifically aims at helping the Coast Guard community meet today’s challenges by offering financial stability for its members.

In keeping with the current needs of the Coast Guard families, CGMA delivers innovative financial assistance. In other words, this venture helps Coast Guards be self reliant and take care of their own requirements even in times of critical emergencies.

To enable Coast Guard Family members achieve autonomous financial well being is the guiding principle of CGMA. They do this by assuring members of confidentiality, fostering self worth and self respect, taking prompt decisions based on member’s eligibility, ensuring fair and equitable application of principles and guidelines for all members, providing timely assistance and treating every single member with respect at all times.

 CGMA aims at offering optimum assistance in terms of enhancing limits, easing or eliminating restrictions, improving current programs and offering assistance to a large number of deserving Coast Guard family members. Assistance is offered to Coast Guard Civilian employees, Retired Military, Active Duty, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Coast Guard Reserve, surviving family members and public health service officers.

This organization is supported in its venture by CGMA interest free loan repayments, Coast Guard family voluntary donations, unsolicited contributions and investment income and does not depend in any manner on non-appropriated or appropriated government funds.

From the time it came into existence, the CGMA has helped thousands of Coast Guard families with financial support and assistance.

To find the link to this and many other military aid and charity organizations, please visit the Military Links & Resources page.

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