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U.S. Army

Aberdeen Test Center, MD

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005  |  Base Operator: (410) 306-2353

Aberdeen Test Center: Overview

The Aberdeen Proving Ground was established on October 20, 1917, six months following our entrance into the First World War, and officially opened on December 14, 1917 in order to serve as a facility where the military could design and test new battle implements. Once approved for service, this material could be easily transported since the installation was conveniently located to industrial and shipping centers. The Aberdeen Proving Ground is the oldest active installation of its kind in the United States Military. It contains more than 2,200 buildings with over 14 million square feet of floor space, 300 miles of roadway, 30 miles of railroad, and over 567,000 square yards of airfield pavement.

Aberdeen Test Center: Education

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Aberdeen Test Center: Location

The Aberdeen Test Center is located in Harford County, Maryland, which is between the cities of Baltimore, Maryland and Wilmington, Delaware. It is positioned at the head of the Chesapeake Bay in the northeastern portion of the state. Specifically, it is approximately 165 miles southeast of New York City, NY, 60 miles northeast of Washington, DC, and 20 miles northeast of Baltimore. The Susquehanna and Gunpowder Rivers serve as two of the boundary lines of the installation. U.S. Route 40 and Interstate 95, both of which connect to the New Jersey Turnpike and the Baltimore-Washington Expressway, are easily accessible from the Aberdeen Test Center.

Aberdeen Test Center: Interesting Facts

  • The size of the installation exceeds 72,500 acres.
  • All of the tanks and wheeled vehicles used by the United States Armed Forces in the past 50 years have been tested at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG).
  • The southern sector, which was once known as the Edgewood Arsenal, has conducted chemical warfare research, development, and testing since World War I.
  • The M4 Sherman tank of World War II was tested at this installation.
  • The U.S. Army Ordinance Center and School at the APG trains more than 20,000 personnel each year from both the U.S. and foreign nations in mechanical maintenance.
  • The Aberdeen Test Center is the largest employer in Harford County and one of the largest in the state.

For more information about Aberdeen Test Center, please visit www.atc.army.mil.

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