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U.S. Army

Anniston Army Depot, AL

Anniston, AL 36201  |  Base Operator: (256) 235-7445, DSN: 571-4874

Anniston Army Depot: Overview

Anniston Army Depot has been in existence since 1942 when it was utilized as a storage depot. The post has been tasked with a wide range of missions during its operation, and it is currently serving as a maintenance facility. In fact, the Anniston Army Depot has earned a reputation for being “The Tank Rebuild Center of the World.” Considering the fact that the post maintains a highly skilled workforce that is provided with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our military is confident that the machinery returned to operational status from The Anniston Army Depot will function as well as it did when it rolled off of the assembly line.

Basically, the Anniston Army Depot is capable of preparing heavy and light-tracked combat vehicles for duty. In fact, it is the only Army depot that has that capability. The depot is responsible for the maintenance of the M60, AVLB, M728, and M88 combat vehicles. Most notably, it is tasked with being the “Center of Technical Excellence” for the M1 Abrams Tank. Another task assigned to the Anniston Army Depot includes responsibility over the Towed and self-propelled artillery and the M113 Family of Vehicles (FOV). Finally, the depot is responsible for the maintenance and storage of conventional ammunition, missiles, and seven percent of the nation’s chemical munitions until this stockpile is demilitarized.

Anniston Army Depot: Education

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Anniston Army Depot: Location

Anniston Army Depot occupies over 25 square miles of land in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northeast Alabama. This area includes over 18,000 acres of woodlands and approximately 40 acres of lakes and streams. The post is situated between the two cities of Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. Atlanta is about a 90 mile drive heading east on Interstate 20 and Birmingham is around 60 miles to the west on Interstate 20.

Anniston Army Depot: Interesting Facts

  • No base housing or temporary lodging is available at Anniston Army Depot.
  • Anniston is one of seven depots in the United States where chemical weapons are stored.
  • During the Iraq War, over 1,000 M1 tanks, howitzers and other armored vehicles were stored awaiting re-engineering.

For more information about Anniston Army Depot, please visit www.anad.army.mil.

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