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U.S. Army

USAG Baumholder, Germany

APO, AE 09034  |  Base Operator: DSN 485-6252, 011-49-6783-6-6252

USAG Baumholder: Overview

Baumholder post was originated in 1937 when the Third Reich was seeking a large amount of land to establish a military training area. In an effort to create a community for soldiers, their families, as well as retired Veterans, over 3,000 laborers worked diligently to build what is now home to the largest concentration of U.S. combat soldiers outside of the United States. This community consists of the on-post Smith Barracks, Wetzel area in Baumholder, and the base area support teams of Strassburg in Idar-Oberstein, and  Neubrucke near Birkenfield. Baumholder’s training area is still used today for military training by Americans and many other NATO countries.

The main purpose of USAG Baumholder is to be the U.S. Army’s “home” in another land. In fact, their motto is “Home of the Champions”. The concentration and focus on the soldiers, their families, and retirees provides quality of life in an environment of support. It contains similar facilities that one would encounter in a town or city of similar size in the United States, including medical facilities, financial institutions, schools, and churches. The focus of Baumholder today is to join the German and American cultures in an effort to serve the best interests of these two countries and their military.

USAG Baumholder: Education

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USAG Baumholder: Location

Baumholder is in Rhineland-Palantine, Germany. A town of approximately 12,000 military personnel in the district of Birkenfield, Baumholder is located south of the Hunsruck approximately 10 kilometers south of Idar-Oberstein. Other towns near Baumholder include: Abentheuer, Bergen, Elchweiler, Herrstein, Mettweiler, Oberhambach, Schauren, and Vollmersbach, to name a few.

USAG Baumholder: Interesting Facts

  • The history of USAG Baumholder dates back to 1,000 B.C. Since that time, it has been controlled by the Romans, Franks, and a series of French and German rulers.
  • The Baumholder maneuver training area (MTA) changed from French to German command in March of 1960.
  • The 1st Armored Division was activated at Baumholder on January 17, 1992, after the 8th Infantry Division was deactivated.

For more information about USAG Baumholder, please visit www.baumholder.army.mil.

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