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U.S. Air Force

Beale AFB, CA

Beale AFB, CA 95903  |  Base Operator: DSN 368-1110, 530-634-1110

Beale AFB: Overview

Beale AFB is the proud home of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing (9 RW) of the Air Combat Command. The mission of this unit is to deliver high altitude intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, deploying warrior Airmen, and employing state-of-the-art technology to increase the capability of our joint partners. In order to the 9 RW to effectively accomplish its mission objectives, it requires the use of the best high altitude reconnaissance aircraft in the world. These airframes are the U-2 and RQ-4. The U-2, nicknamed the “Dragon Lady,” has been in service since the 1950’s and is capable of operating at 70,000 feet. The RQ-4, which is better known as the Global Hawk, is an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and has been in service since the late 1990’s.

Camp Beale was established in 1940 and became a training post for the 13th Armored Division in 1942. It was also served as a POW camp for German POWs during the Second World War. Following WWII, Camp Beale became Beale Air Force Base. Its mission was to train both Air Force and Navy bombardier navigators, so the base maintained six bomb ranges. The base had a number of other missions until it became the home of the 4200th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (4200 SRW) and the SR-71 Blackbird on October 15, 1964. During this time, the Strategic Air Command (SAC) maintained units at Beale. The U-2 began operating out of the base on July 12, 1976. During its history, Beale AFB has also served as a missile base.

Beale AFB: Education

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Beale AFB: Location

Beale AFB is located in beautiful rolling hills of northern California just outside the town of Linda. Other towns in the vicinity include Marysville and Yuba City, which are about 10 miles to the west. The capital of California, Sacramento, is about 40 miles south, and the city of San Francisco is positioned approximately 140 miles south of Beale AFB. The base takes up about 23,000 acres of the Greater Sacramento Valley, which is in Yuba County.

Beale AFB: Interesting Facts

  • The namesake of the base is Edward Fitzgerald Beale (1822 – 1893), who was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy. He eventually became a Brigadier General in the California Militia and was an explorer and frontiersman in California.
  • Some of the German POW prison cells still remain at Beale. Many of the prisoners’ drawings can still be found on the walls of the prison cells.
  • The Rock Hudson film, A Gathering of Eagles, was filmed at Beale AFB. The base was portrayed as the fictional “Carmody AFB.”
  • Edward Fitzgerald Beale was credited with helping to bring the California Indian Wars to an end.
  • The 940th Wing of the Air Force Reserve Command is also stationed at Beale. It is one of the newest multi-mission wings, conducting missions that include command and control, intelligence and reconnaissance forces in support of the Air Combat Command, Air Forces Pacific, and the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency.

For more information about Beale AFB, please visit www.beale.af.mil.

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