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U.S. Army

Fort Bliss, TX

Fort Bliss, TX 79916  |  Post Operator: DSN: 978-2121, (915) 568-2121

Fort Bliss: Overview

The major units that call Fort Bliss home include the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command, the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade, the 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, the 204th MI Battalion, and the 978th Military Police Company. Together, these units support the mission of the installation, which is to maintain readiness to conduct operations in support of the national military strategy. In order to accomplish this goal, many of the units maintain an impressive arsenal, which includes the Patriot Missile.

The history of this post began prior to the Civil War. It was established in November of 1848 near El Paso del Norte. With the exception of the Civil War, which resulted in the post being occupied by the Confederacy, it was mainly utilized to defend newly acquired territory from the raids of various hostile parties. Fort Bliss was established as a permanent post in 1878. During the First World War, the installation was mainly a cavalry post. Due to the technological advancements that followed and due to the outbreak of WWII, the mission shifted to training anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) battalions. The rocket age that followed the war brought testing to the ranges at Fort Bliss. Due to the Cold War and the current threat of terrorism, the scale of these tests has evolved and has escalated into the mission that exists today.

Fort Bliss: Education

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Fort Bliss: Location

Fort Bliss is an extremely large U.S. Army Post that overlaps the border of Texas and New Mexico. Even though the vast majority of the property is in New Mexico, most of the buildings and infrastructure is located in the Texas near El Paso. The property that is within the boundaries of New Mexico is largely made up of firing ranges. Communities that are located in the area include Juarez, Mexico, Sunland Park, NM, Socorro, TX, Praxedis Guerrero, Mexico, Las Cruces, NM, Puerto Palomas, Mexico, Ahumada, Mexico, Deming, NM, Alamogordo, NM, Ascension, Mexico, Truth or Consequences, NM, Ruidoso, NM, Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico, Silver City, NM, and Casas Grandes, Mexico.

Fort Bliss: Interesting Facts

  • John J. Pershing launched a campaign to track down the outlaw Pancho Villa from Fort Bliss.
  • The current trend of base realignment and closure resulted in the transformation of Fort Bliss into a heavy armor training post.
  • The Confederate Army launched attacks against Union forces in New Mexico and Arizona from Fort Bliss.
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