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U.S. Army

Fort Campbell, KY

Fort Campbell, KY 42223  |  Post Operator: DSN: 635-2151, (270) 798-2151

Fort Campbell: Overview

Fort Campbell is proud to be the home of the 101st Airborne Division, which is also known as the “Screaming Eagles.” Some of the other units that the installation hosts include the 101st Aviation Brigade, the 159th Aviation Brigade, and the 101st Sustainment Brigade. Collectively, the mission is to maintain the combat readiness of the troops stationed at Fort Campbell so that they will be able to deploy at a moment’s notice and effectively neutralize any threat across the globe.

The construction of Camp Campbell, as it was known at that time, began shortly before the entrance of the United States into WWII and finished in 1942. Upon completion, the post supported one armored division and a number of various infantry and support units. For the remainder of the war, Camp Campbell mainly became a training installation for armored divisions. In 1949, the 11th Airborne Division moved to Camp Campbell and remained there until 1956. During that timeframe, the installation became a permanent post and renamed Fort Campbell. In late 1956, the 101st Airborne Division became the new entity to occupy Fort Campbell. From that point forward, the famous “Screaming Eagles” have been deployed from this post to defend our country. Having such an effective fighting force at its disposal provides the Army with a tremendous capability, which helps to counter the threats our nation faces today.

Fort Campbell: Education

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Fort Campbell: Location

Fort Campbell is located between the cities of Clarksville, TN and Hopkinsville, KY and actually overlaps the northern border of Tennessee and the southern border of Kentucky. Even though the majority of the installation occupies territory in Tennessee, the post office is in Kentucky, so Kentucky gets credit for hosting the post. Nashville is by far the largest city in the vicinity and is only about 60 miles to the southeast of Fort Campbell. Other communities nearby include Hopkinsville, KY, Springfield, TN, Dickson, TN, Goodlettsville, TN, Hendersonville, TN, Brentwood, TN, Portland, TN, Franklin, TN, Gallatin, TN, Mount Juliet, TN, Murray, KY, Madisonville, KY, La Vergne, TN, and Paris, TN.

Fort Campbell: Interesting Facts

  • The Sabalauski Air Assault School at Fort Campbell is called the ten toughest days in the Army. It teaches soldiers all that they need to know about air assault operations.
  • The primary weapon systems employed by the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) include the highly trained and qualified soldier, the Apache attack helicopter, the Hellfire Missile System, the Mk 19 Grenade Launcher, and the 105mm Howitzer Avenger.
  • Fort Campbell was originally considered to be in Tennessee and even had a Tennessee address. However, since the post office was in Kentucky, the address was change to eliminate confusion.
  • The "Screaming Eagles" parachute demonstration team has been in existence longer than the "Golden Knights," which is the official U.S. Army Parachute Team. The "Screaming Eagles" performs over 60 demonstrations per year.
  • The installation is named in honor of William Bowen Campbell, who was a native of Tennessee that went on to become a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army, served three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, and unsuccessfully ran for Tennessee Governor in 1851.
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