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U.S. Air Force

Kadena AB, Japan

APO, AP 96368-5134  |  Base Operator: DSN 315-634-1110, 011-81-611-734-1110

Kadena AB: Overview

Kadena Air Base is one of the most important military installations that the United States maintains in the Pacific. The base is the home of the 18th Wing and a number of support units. The mission of the 18th Wing is to defend the interests of the U.S. and Japan by utilizing its airborne assets to project air superiority. The 18th wing is the largest combat wing in the USAF and falls under the command of the Fifth Air Force. It includes the 18th Operations Group, the 18th Maintenance Group, the 18th Mission Support Group, the 18th Civil Engineer Group, and the 18th Medical Group. With the exception of the United States Coast Guard, all of the military services of the United States Armed Forces have a presence at Kadena Air Base.

The base was originally a small airfield of Imperial Japan named Yara Hikojo. It was captured on April 1, 1945 by the Tenth United States Army’s 7th Infantry Division during the Battle of Okinawa. After repairs were made to the runway, the United States planned to use the installation primarily as a bomber base for the Eighth Air Force from which to launch campaigns on the Japanese mainland.

Kadena AB: Education

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Kadena AB: Location

Kadena AB is located within the city limits of Okinawa City, which is on the island of Okinawa, Japan. The installation also stretches into the city limits of both Kadena and Chatan. Okinawa and the surrounding islands can be found to the south of mainland Japan. The major communities near the base include Gushikawa, Ishikawa, Ginowan, Nishihara, Haebaru, Naha, Tomigusuku, Itoman, Nago, Naze, Hirara, Ishigaki, Nishinoomote, and Makurazaki.

Kadena AB: Interesting Facts

  • The 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing, as it was known back then, became the main operational unit stationed at Kadena Air Base in November, 1954.
  • "Team Kadena" consists of almost 18,000 Americans and more than 4,000 Japanese.
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