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United States Marine Corps

MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

APO, AP 96310-0029  |  Base Operator: DSN: 315-253-4171, 011-81-827-21-4171

MCAS Iwakuni: Overview

The occupying commands that are located at the MCAS Iwakuni  base are the Marine Aircraft Group 12 (MAG12), the VMFA(AW)-242 (which is the only permanent F/A-18 Hornet fighter squadron stationed abroad), the Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12, the Marine Wing Support Squadron 171, the Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, the Combat Logistics Company 36 and the 374th Airlift Wing.  On May 30, 2010, the latest off-shore runway was opened at this base.

The site of this base was established by the Japanese government in 1940 at which time it was used as a training and defense base.  In May and August of 1945, American B-29’s bombed Iwakuni.  The United States Marines were the first allies to arrive at Iwakuni at the end of World War II.  MCAS Iwakuni became an official United States base in 1952.

MCAS Iwakuni: Education

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MCAS Iwakuni: Location

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni is located at Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan.  Other communities in the area include Otake, Japan, Ono, Japan, Yanai, Japan, Hatsukaichi, Japan, Hikari, Japan, Kudamatsu, Japan, Tokuyama, Japan, Kure, Japan, Hiroshima, Japan, Kaita, Japan, Hojo, Japan, Hofu, Japan, Masaki, Japan, Matsuyama, Japan. Tokyo is approximately 600 miles east of Iwakuni and the area is bordered by mountains on one side and the Seto Inland Sea on the other.

MCAS Iwakuni: Interesting Facts

  • About 5,000 United States Marines are currently stationed at MCAS Iwakuni with the purpose of marine pilot training and patrol, utilizing F/A 18 Hornet fighter-attack aircraft and others, in fulfillment of obligations of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security to protect Japan.
  • The Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force shares this base.
  • It is planned to move the United States Carrier Air Wing to Iwakuni in 2014.
  • In the fall of 2015, the United States Marine Corps is slated to station sixteen F-35B aircraft at Iwakuni, replacing the AV-8 and F/A-18 aircraft which are presently stationed there.
  • Regular commercial service will begin at the airport in 2012 and a civilian airport terminal will be constructed for commercial flights.
  • In May of every year, the gates of MCAS Iwakuni are opened to welcome 250,000 visitors from all over Japan in celebration of Friendship Day hosted by the United States military and Japanese nationals and families, recognizing the long standing friendship. One of Japan's largest air shows takes place during this time.
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