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U.S. Air Force

Misawa AB, Japan

APO, AP 96319-5021  |  Base Operator: DSN: 315-222-1100, 011-81-176-63-1100

Misawa AB: Overview

The 35th Fighter Wing is the current sponsor of Misawa Air Base in Japan, which is a Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) installation. It is home to the United States Army, Navy and Air Force and the Japan Self-Defense Forces, making it the only installation in the western Pacific that supports joint service activity. The base also supports civilian air traffic from the Japanese airports in the area. Misawa AB is one of the only military facilities to support this type of arrangement with civilian authorities. In addition, the base maintains a significant intelligence mission utilizing state-of-the-art surveillance technology, which includes satellite support.

The Japanese Emperor utilized the area now known as Misawa beginning in 1870.  In September of 1945, the American occupation of Misawa began. The Army Corps of Engineers restored the base for the United Sates Army Air Forces. Following WWII, the USAF utilized the bases for missions over Korea and Vietnam during those conflicts. For Cold War purposes, both air defense missions and reconnaissance missions originated from Misawa.

Misawa AB: Education

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Misawa AB: Location

Misawa Air Base is located in the northern part of the island of Honshu of Japan, approximately three miles west of the Pacific Ocean.  Other communities in the area include: Hachinohe, Japan, Ichinohe, Japan, Aomori, Japan, Kuroishi, Japan, Namioka, Japan, Mutsu, Japan, Kazuno, Japan, Hirosaki, Japan, Goshogawara, Japan, Odate, Japan, Kizukuri, Japan, Takanosu, Japan, Morioka, Japan, Shizukuishi, Japan, Noshiro, Japan and are each within approximately seventy miles of Misawa.

Misawa AB: Interesting Facts

  • The Misawa Air Base is four hundred twenty-five miles north of Tokyo, Japan.
  • The Imperial Japanese Navy used Lake Ogawara at Misawa for its practice site prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II, because the lake was comparable in depth to Pearl Harbor.
  • Misawa itself was approximately 90 percent destroyed by United States fighters and bombers in WWII.
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