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U.S. Air Force

Osan AB, South Korea

APO, AP 96278-2097  |  Base Operator: DSN 315-784-4110, 011-82-333-661-1110

Osan AB: Overview

Osan Air Base serves as the headquarters for both the Seventh Air Force and the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) Air Force Operations Command. There are a number of units that occupy the air base, most of which conduct tasks in support of the 51st Fighter Wing, which falls under the command of the Pacific Air Force. The 51st Fighter Wing utilizes the A-10 Thunderbolt II and the F-16 Fighting Falcon to conduct its mission.

The base was established during the Korean War and was used to launch both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. During the Vietnam War, the base conducted a number of missions and hosted a number of different units, including the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing, the 36th Tactical Fighter Squadron, and the 51st Composite Wing, which was a tactical wing.

Osan AB: Education

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Osan AB: Location

The base is located to the south of Seoul in South Korea. It is a near Osan City, but is actually positioned within the limits of the Songtan section of Pyeongtaek City. Pyeongtaek City is in the Gyeonggi Province. The base originally comprised of four small villages with valleys and hills.

Osan AB: Interesting Facts

  • The “Battle of Bayonet Hill,” which was on February 7, 1951, is where Osan Air Base now stands.
  • At one point, the base conducted high-altitude reconnaissance missions utilizing the U-2.
  • There is a South Korean naval base located in Pyeongtaek.
  • The U.S. Army maintains Camp Humphreys in the immediate vicinity.
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