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U.S. Army

Pine Bluff Arsenal, AR

Pine Bluff Arsenal, AR 71602  |  Post Operator: DSN: 966-3217, (870) 540-3217

Pine Bluff Arsenal: Overview

The Pine Bluff Arsenal is maintained by the U.S. Army and is charged with the storing of chemical weapons. Additionally, the Pine Bluff Arsenal produces a number of products for use by both the military and civilian police. These products, like smoke and tear gas, are specifically designed for situations that require a suspect or enemy combatant to be temporarily neutralized. The weaponry produced at the Pine Bluff Arsenal is often referred to as “less than lethal.”

The post was originally intended to produce explosive ordinance for use during World War II, but its role quickly expanded to include the manufacturing and warehousing of incendiary and chemical munitions. By the end of the war, the Pine Bluff Arsenal was producing bombs and artillery shells that were designed to expel lethal gas upon detonation.

Pine Bluff Arsenal: Education

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Pine Bluff Arsenal: Location

This installation decided to inherit the name of the town nearest to it, which is Pine Bluff. The town is just to the southeast of the Pine Bluff Arsenal. Both the town and the installation lie in southeastern Arkansas in what is known as the Arkansas Delta, and are to the east of the Arkansas Timberlands. There are many waterways in the area, such as Lake Saracen, Lake Langhofer, and the Arkansas River. In addition there are plenty of creeks and bayous, including Bayou Bartholomew, which is the longest known bayou on the planet. Other communities in the area include Stuttgart, AR, Bryant, AR, Little Rock, AR, North Little Rock, AR, Benton, AR, Sherwood, AR, Monticello, AR, Jacksonville, AR, Malvern, AR, Maumelle, AR, Cabot, AR, Arkadelphia, AR, Hot Springs, AR, Conway, AR, and Camden, AR.

Pine Bluff Arsenal: Interesting Facts

  • The Pine Bluff Arsenal was officially activated in November of 1941, shortly before the United States entered WWII. At that time, it was known as the Chemical Warfare Arsenal.
  • The side-effects of Agent Orange created a great deal of public pressure regarding biological warfare, which prompted President Richard Nixon to ban the use of biological weapons altogether. Therefore, the production of these weapons halted in the late '60's.
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