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Troops To Teachers - Arizona

Troops To Teachers - Arizona: Overview

The Troops To Teachers program in Arizona has been providing and will continue to provide qualified teachers to fill vacancies. Bank (2007) explained that, “in another 2005 survey, nine out of 10 principals told researchers at Old Dominion University in Virginia that they considered former service members more effective in classroom instruction and management than teachers with similar years of teaching experience. Nearly as many said Troops teachers boosted student achievement more than traditionally trained teachers” (p. 68). The life experience that veterans have is sure to benefit young people in Arizona. In addition, it gives veterans an opportunity to serve in another capacity.

Troops to Teachers - Arizona: Education

In order to take part in the Troops to Teachers program in Arizona, you must obtain at least a bachelors degree. By clicking on the “Find A School” button below, you will be able to start the process of earning that degree. The page that you will be directed to contains a list of several schools that provide degrees and are accustomed to serving working professionals like you. You may want to request information from a number of these schools. This will give you the chance to compare these schools of interest and find the degree program that most interests you.

Troops to Teachers - Arizona: Reference Section

Bank, D.. (2007, October). Boots on the school ground. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 5(4), 67-68.

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