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Troops To Teachers - California

Troops To Teachers - California: Overview

The State of California is the proud host of numerous military installations, so it is very familiar with the benefits of having current and former military members live among its populous.  That is why the state thoroughly supports the Troops To Teachers program in California. It knows that military members are productive members of society that bring tremendous experience and knowledge with them to work every day. These attributes are a perfect fit for the classroom, and the kids will certainly benefit from the guidance of highly professional individuals that have spent a significant portion of their professional careers serving our country.

Troops to Teachers - California: Education

A bachelors degree is one of the requirements that a military member must possess in order to be eligible for the Troops To Teachers program in California. If this career path interests you, you may want to start earning your degree as soon as you can. Click on the “Find A School” button to get started on this career path. There you will find a list of schools that will be happy to help you earn your degree. If you request information from a number of these schools, you will have the opportunity to compare them and find the right program and school for you.

Not only do members of the military make great teachers, but they also make great mentors for young people. That is one of the great benefits of a great program like Troops To Teachers is that you have the ability to have a significant impact on someone else. In addition, you have the opportunity to show young people the value of military service. In reference to the military members that are currently serving and may serve as teachers through the Troops To Teachers program, Helderman (2004) shared that, “teachers also can make good ambassadors for the military” (p. B.01). You could be the next one to make a difference in a young person’s life.

Troops to Teachers - California: Reference Section

Helderman, R.. (2004, January 19). Turning troops Into teachers; Popular program becomes recruiting tool for hard-to-fill classroom jobs. The Washington Post, p. B.01.

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