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Troops To Teachers - Colorado

Troops To Teachers - Colorado: Overview

Colorado is in need of a surge in their teaching corps. There is, perhaps, no better place to find quality teachers, mentors, and leaders than the military. Manthey (2006) stated that, “former military members fit well into schools because they understand systems. They are adept at problem solving and getting resources to people in need. They act with accountability, are detail-oriented, learn quickly and adapt to difficult situations” (p. 1). The Troops To Teachers program in Colorado is there for the military members that have the motivation to enter the classroom and have a positive impact on the lives of young people.

Troops to Teachers - Colorado: Education

If you are honorably discharged from the military and have a bachelors degree, it is likely that you are eligible for the Troops To Teachers program in Colorado. If you need the bachelors degree to become eligible, you’ve come to the right place. Once you click on the “Find A School” button below, you will be sent to a page that has many, many schools that have a degree program well-suited for you. In order to find that program, you may want to request information from a number of schools. That way, you can compare them and find your match.

Troops to Teachers - Colorado: Reference Section

Manthey, T.. (2006, 19  September). Yes, sir, teacher, sir!: Retired military service members answer a new calling in state classrooms through a federal program, bringing a head for discipline and much-needed diversity. Knight Ridder Tribune Business News, p. 1.

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