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Troops To Teachers - Florida

Troops To Teachers - Florida: Overview

If you are interested in the Troops To Teachers program and Florida is your state, you are in a great situation. The state of Florida is very supportive of the Troops To Teachers program and is very proactive in terms of pushing the initiative forward. In fact, Florida started an initiative to heavily promote the program and, in 2009, actually erected approximately 40 billboards with information about the Troops To Teachers program in Florida.

Troops to Teachers - Florida: Education

In order to be qualified for the Troops To Teachers program in Florida, you must hold at least a bachelors degree. Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing a career as a teacher and becoming a teacher through the Troops To Teachers program in Florida, you may want to start earning your degree now. To get started, you may want to click on the “Find A School” button below. The schools found on that page will help you to become eligible to participate in the Troops To Teachers program.

Considering the great results of the teachers in its pipeline, it is No surprise as to why the State of Florida is so supportive of the Troops To Teachers program. Nunnery, Kaplan, Owings, and Pribesh (2009) conducted a study in Florida that returned, “persuasive data that the Troops teachers included in this statewide sample had more positive effects on student achievement in reading and mathematics than did other teachers with equal teaching experience” (p. 269). These results show that individuals with significant military experience can have a positive impact in a classroom environment and Florida will continue to promote the Troops to Teachers program.

Troops to Teachers - Florida: Reference Section

Nunnery, J., Kaplan, L., Owings, W., & Pribesh, S.. (2009, December). The effects of Troops to Teachers on student achievement: One state's study. National Association of Secondary School Principals. NASSP Bulletin, 93(4), 249-272.

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