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Troops To Teachers - Illinois

Troops To Teachers - Illinois: Overview

The State of Illinois has been making a push for more teachers, and it is benefitting from the Troops to Teachers program in Illinois. Even though the program has served successfully as a pipeline for filling teaching vacancies, there is still a long way to go. The U.S. Federal News Service (2005) reported that, “Although nearly 3,000 have entered the program, Dr. Cleo Boswell, Special Advisor to the State Superintendent of the Illinois State Board of Education, feels there is a great need for more.” Therefore, if you are a military member that is serious about a second career as a teacher upon your separation from the Armed Forces, you need to get involved in the Troops to Teachers program in Illinois.

Troops to Teachers - Illinois: Education

In order to become a teacher through the Troops to Teachers program in Illinois, there are a number of requirements that you must meet. One of these requirements is that you have earned at least a bachelors degree. If this is one of the eligibility requirements where you fall short, you can get started towards earning your degree right now. Click on the “Find A School” button below and you will be presented with a list of many schools that can help you earn your degree. Request information from all of the schools that interest you, compare these schools, and then get started in the degree program that you have selected.

Troops to Teachers - Illinois: Reference Section

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