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Troops To Teachers - Minnesota

Troops To Teachers - Minnesota: Overview

The popularity of the Troops to Teachers program continues to grow across the nation, and this trend is no different in Minnesota. Ong (2006) shared that, “Troops to Teachers, a program ushering thousands of military men and women into classrooms across the country, is gaining momentum in Minnesota” (p. 1). There is a distinct need for more teachers in the state, and superintendents of schools are intrigued about the prospect of filling those vacancies with veterans. Initially, there was some hesitation, but the performance of the teachers provided through the Troop to Teachers program in Minnesota has helped to quell those feelings of apprehension.

Troops to Teachers - Minnesota: Education

The Troops to Teachers program in Minnesota comes with eligibility requirements to ensure that an individual possesses the basic qualifications for pursuing a teaching career through the program. One of these requirements is that the individual has at least a bachelor’s degree. Obviously, if you are going to work in an academic setting, you must have achieved a relatively high academic milestone. If you are short of a bachelor’s degree, you can start the process of earning one by clicking on the “Find A School” button below. This action will provide you with a list of numerous respected colleges and universities from which you may request information to find out more about what each has to offer.

The Troops to Teachers program is a great program that allows a qualified veteran the opportunity to pursue a second career. However, and most importantly, it fills teaching vacancies across the nation. Filling these vacancies with individuals that have a tremendous amount of life experience is extremely beneficial to children. In addition, veterans have a number of tremendous qualities, such as managerial, organizational, and disciplinary skills, that can positively impact the classroom.

Troops to Teachers - Minnesota: Reference Section

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