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Troops To Teachers - Missouri

Troops To Teachers - Missouri: Overview

Schools in the State of Missouri have been able to fill vacancies due to the fact that the Troops to Teachers program in Missouri has provided them with qualified teachers. The initial reaction to the program from a number of educators at various levels across the state was, to say the least, apprehensive. However, these Veterans did not turn their classrooms into boot camps, which was one of the concerns. They brought professionalism with them to work every day, and exhibited the variety of skills gained through a career of dedicated service to their country. Educators in the State of Missouri have now learned that the military teaches its leaders to do more than drop someone to do ten pushups. Leaders in the military are highly competent in terms of achieving goals through the execution of a well-formulated plan. In order to do this, these leaders are trained to exhibit excellent leadership skills, to be extremely organized, and to set realistic expectations. Consequently, these skills translate well to a classroom atmosphere.

Troops to Teachers - Missouri: Education

The requirements to become eligible for the Troops to Teachers program in Missouri are not overwhelming. However, there is one that requires a little more work than others. An individual must have a bachelor’s degree in order to take advantage of the program. If you do not yet have your bachelor’s degree, it is time to get started. By clicking on the “Find A School” button below, you will be able to browse through many schools that can help you earn your degree. Both online and campus schools and programs are represented. Virtually any degree program of interest is located in that section. You may want to request information from several schools and compare them to find the right fit for you.

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