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Troops To Teachers - North Carolina

Troops To Teachers - North Carolina: Overview

North Carolina is an avid supporter of the Troops To Teachers program that is sponsored by the Department of Education. This program is meant to serve two purposes. First, it gives service members the opportunity to find a great second career after being discharged from service. Second, the Troops To Teachers program in North Carolina provides the state with highly skilled, disciplined, qualified, and experienced teachers. Becker (2009) stated that, “military service in general provides the sort of discipline and life experiences that translate well to teaching” (p. A.9). This program is the perfect solution to fill teaching vacancies in North Carolina.

Troops to Teachers - North Carolina: Education

One of the requirements in terms of being eligible for the Troops to Teachers program in North Carolina is that the applicant must have at least a bachelors degree. If you need to find a school and program in order to earn your degree, look no further. If you click on the “Find A School” button below, you will find many online schools that are sure to provide you with a degree to suit your needs. You will also have access to campus locations from that pages as well by click on the blue “Campus” link. In either case, it is recommended that you request information from a number of the schools so that you can compare them to find the degree program that best suits you.

Troops to Teachers - North Carolina: Reference Section

Becker, B.. (2009, December 6). Troops finding new service as teachers program helps veterans return to civilian life. New York Times, p. A.38.

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