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Troops To Teachers - Oklahoma

Troops To Teachers - Oklahoma: Overview

Superintendants in Oklahoma school districts are clamoring for more teachers provided through the Troops to Teachers program in Oklahoma. Riggs (2007) shared that, “About 35 service members completed Oklahoma's Troops to Teachers program in each of the past two years.” Obviously, the state is hoping that this number increases significantly. This sentiment is due to the fact that these former military members are proving to be highly successful in a classroom setting, which is a surprise to many. Apprehension was the initial feeling initially regarding this program, citing concerns such as the fact that military members may not be good with kids and may turn the classroom into a boot camp. However, these products of the Troops to Teachers program in Oklahoma have proven that the military trains individuals to be far more than a disciplinarian. The valuable traits that these veterans bring to the classroom include excellent leadership skills, excellent classroom management skills, and they are highly goal-oriented. 

Troops to Teachers - Oklahoma: Education

To become one of these valuable educators in Oklahoma through the Troops to Teachers program, you need to earn your bachelor’s degree. There are other requirements in terms of being eligible for the program, but the one that probably requires the most effort is the bachelor’s degree requirement. It is highly recommended that you get started on this requirement as soon as you can. If you click on the “Find A School” button below, you will have access to a number of schools and can request more information from the institutions that interest you.

Troops to Teachers - Oklahoma: Reference Section

Riggs, A.. (2007, 23  September). Marine on new mission: Retired officer now commands classroom. Knight Ridder Tribune Business News.

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