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Troops To Teachers - Virginia

Troops To Teachers - Virginia: Overview

If you are interested in the Troops To Teachers program, being in Virginia is certainly advantageous. In fact, Helderman (2004) shared that, “More and more former military personnel are participating in the program. In Virginia, 17 men and women joined between July 2002 and July 2003, and [as of January 19, 2004], nearly three times that many have signed on” (p. B.01). When it comes to molding young minds, there will always be a place for highly professional, dedicated, hard-working, and experienced individuals. Of course, this is in reference to the tremendous individuals that have served in our nation’s Armed Forces.

Troops to Teachers - Virginia: Education

If you are eligible for the Troops To Teachers program in Virginia, with the exception of the degree requirement, you have come to the right place. Click on the “Find A School” button and you will find a number of online schools that can help you to earn your bachelors degree. If you desire to attend classes in a campus setting, you will find the option to browse those schools in plain view. A good approach is to request information from a number of schools. This gives you the chance to see what different schools have to offer so you can select the right school, and the right program, for you.

Troops to Teachers - Virginia: Reference Section

Helderman, R.. (2004, January 19). Turning troops Into teachers; Popular program becomes recruiting tool for hard-to-fill classroom jobs. The Washington Post, p. B.01.

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