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Troops To Teachers - Washington

Troops To Teachers - Washington: Overview

There’s no doubt about it; most people are aware of the fact that teaching vacancies across the state are prevalent. The demand for qualified teachers is something that many schools are desperate to satisfy. However, there is a great program that, for some reason, still has not gained significant momentum. That program is the federally-funded Troops to Teachers program in Washington. This program helps to develop former military members into qualified teachers. The performance of these veterans in the classroom has helped to remove some of the initial doubts that many had regarding the success of this program. Traditional school administrators and faculty thought that career military members would turn classrooms across the country into boot camps. Obviously, those who have not served underestimate the professionalism of military members and their ability to overcome and adapt. Now, results have shown that teachers provided through the Troops to Teachers Program in Washington consistently outperform their counterparts with a traditional teaching backgrounds and training. In addition, leadership positions in school districts are constantly being filled with products of the Troops to Teachers program. It is now blatantly obvious that the training and experience of a career in the military, which includes developing traits such as, leadership, professionalism, management, and organizational skills, helps after all.

Troops to Teachers - Washington: Education

Basically, if you have completed a minimum of six years of service, have been honorably discharged, and have earned at least a bachelor’s degree, you are eligible for the Troops to Teachers program in Washington. To find out more regarding these requirements, you may want to go to the main Troops to Teachers page. If you need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this program, you’ve come to the right place. By clicking on the “Find A School” button below, you will find many schools that can help you knock out this requirement. Request information from several schools so that you can make comparisons in order to find the right degree program for you.

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