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American Snipers (Adopt a Sniper)

Snipers put their life on line to defend and protect our country from terrorists. They are deployed around the world to fight against terrorism and are quite similar to the police in their objectives. The supplies used by snipers is quite similar to what the police use to accomplish their mission. Today, American snipers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq face a situation where they are forced to spend out of their pockets for supplies and gears in order to get to the war field. They often face a severe shortage of essentials required.

To address this issue and to support the endeavor of US snipers who take great risks in helping US fight against terrorism, a few police snipers in the year 2004 started a network to for support. This network has since been striving to effectively fulfill the needs of snipers deployed around the world. With the help of military communities and US police, police snipers were able to establish contacts and network with the deployed snipers. Keeping in touch with the military snipers, police snipers then started roping in the help of willing volunteers from across the country to send customized supplies and gears desperately needed by the snipers.

Starting out in a small way with a handful of police snipers providing them their own supplies and gears, today American Snipers, which was once known as Adopt A Sniper, has grown phenomenally and currently supports at least 75 US military sniper platoons in different parts of the world fighting the war against terrorism.

Staffed by the US police and funded by donations from civic bodies, American Snipers is steadily growing in popularity. Donations are used for the purpose of purchasing gear and shipping them across to different platoons. Donors can request for receipts for donations from this nonprofit organization.

Snipers and troops are the saviors of our country. Their sacrifice and sincere commitment to duty deserves to be appreciated and it is the duty of every single citizen to contribute towards supplying them the basic essentials that can help them continue fighting the war on terrorism. The American Snipers program specifically aims at ensuring that US snipers fighting terrorists around the world are well equipped with supplies and gear.

To find the link to this and many other military aid and charity organizations, please visit the Military Links & Resources page.

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