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Astronauts Memorial Foundation

Many astronauts have sacrificed their lives for their nation as a part of space programs. The Astronauts Memorial Foundation was founded for the specific purpose of remembering and honoring these astronauts through innovative technology educational programs.

The Challenger accident that occurred in the year 1986 triggered the emergence of this foundation. AMF was formed with the sole purpose of honoring American astronauts or astronauts who went into space as a part of the US crew and lost their lives while on training or on a government mission. At present this nonprofit, private organization honors and assists 24 astronauts.

At the visitor’s complex at John F. Kennedy Space Center, the AMF, which is approved by NASA, maintains two prominent facilities. The Space Mirror Memorial is a facility declared by President George Bush and the Congress as a national memorial in 1991. Popularly referred to as the ‘living memorial’, the Center for Space Education, with the sole purpose of developing an understanding of space exploration and using technology to provide education, was opened in 1994. Funds for these facilities are raised by the sale of Challenger license plates in Florida. Fifty percent of the funds collected through sale of these license plates are donated to these facilities that are in fact are gifted by Florida citizens.

Apart from this, the AMF’s programs and facilities are also supported by substantial donations from individuals, foundations and corporations. The national Space Mirror Memorial is sponsored by the Astronauts Memorial Foundation, which also implements educational technology programs, with the purpose of memorializing and honoring astronauts who have sacrificed their lives in the service of their nation. The technology developed in the country’s space program is captured and used in an innovative manner in the field of education by the Astronaut’s Memorial Foundation in partnership with National Aeronautics and Space administration. This program emphasizes on technology that is space related.

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