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United States Marine Corps

MCLB (Marine Corps Logistics Base) Barstow, CA

Barstow, CA 92311  |  Base Operator: (760) 577-6418

MCLB Barstow: Overview

The major mission of MCLB Barstow is directed to the rebuilding and repairing of ground combat and combat support equipment, as well as, to support the United States West Coast installations.  The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany is the only other facility similar to MCLB Barstow.  At present, the Marine Corps Logistics Bases’ Maintenance Center is the primary facility located at MCLB Barstow.  There are three major sites on this base.  The Nebo Annex which acts as the base headquarters, the Yermo Annex which serves as a storage and industrial compound and a rifle and pistol range.

Pacific Fleet Marine Forces utilized this base for the storage of supplies and equipment during World War II.  MCLB Barstow has a long history of change, the latest occurring in 2007 with the first police department in the Marine Corps to be made up of civilian officers.  That particular changeover from military staff to civilian contractors enabled Marine deployment.

MCLB Barstow: Education

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MCLB Barstow: Location

MCLB is located three and a half miles east of the city of Barstow, California.  Other communities in the area include Apple Valley, CA, Victorville, CA, Adelanto, CA, Hesperia, CA, Crestline, CA, Highland, CA, San Bernardino, CA, California City, CA, Rialto, CA, Redlands, CA, Colton, CA, Yucaipa, CA, Loma Linda, CA, Fontana, CA, Bloomington, CA and Barstow is within 61 miles of the heart of each of the cities.

MCLB Barstow: Interesting Facts

  • This base is conveniently accessible as it intersects three major highway systems, the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe and Union Pacific railroads consider it to be their west coast hub, it is a short distance from the Barstow-Daggett Airport and two main seaports of Los Angeles and San Diego are each only a distance of about 150 miles away.
  • MCLB Barstow boasts to be the second largest employer in the Barstow area.
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