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Military Friendly Schools in Connecticut

Even though Connecticut is one of our smaller states in terms of geographic size, it is positioned along the east coast and has locations on its coastline for harbors. In fact, the U.S. Navy has the honor of having the only military installation in the state. This installation is NSB New London, which is a training base for submarine crews. Connecticut is a great place to be stationed not only because it is a beautiful state, but it is also located near other major metropolitan areas such as New York City. It has some great cities as well, such as Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury, Norwalk, Danbury, New Britain, West Hartford, Bristol, Meriden, West Haven, Milford, Stratford, Norwich, and East Hartford. In addition, there are several military friendly colleges in Connecticut and within driving distance, so it is a perfect place to utilize the GI Bill and start earning a degree.

One of the first steps that a military member should take is to request information from several of the military friendly schools in Connecticut that are listed below. After acquiring all of this information, the prospective student has the opportunity to compare all that these schools have to offer and then select the one that is best suited for the military member. Get started by clicking on the "Find A School" button below:

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