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Troops To Teachers - Tennessee

Troops To Teachers - Tennessee: Overview

There is plenty of documented proof that the Troops To Teachers program in Tennessee is working, and working well. In Tennessee, traditional teachers have been defecting from their posts at a rate hovering around 50 percent. However, teachers that have been supplied through the Troops to Teachers program in Tennessee are retained at a rate that is about 80 percent (Melvin, 2007). However, the retention rate is not the only positive aspect to report regarding these veterans turned teachers. The performance feedback is also extremely positive. Former military members bring a number of great qualities, learned through a career in the military, to the classroom. These qualities, which include discipline, respect, organization, motivation, and ethical behavior, can only benefit the children in their care.

Troops to Teachers - Tennessee: Education

There are no hoops to jump through in order to become eligible for this great program. However, you must have a bachelors degree to take advantage of the Troop to Teachers program in Tennessee. So, if you are interested in the program but need your degree, you should get started right now. Click on the “Find A School” button below in order to access a list of schools that can help you to remedy your situation. Request information from several of these schools, compare them, and select the school and program that suits you the best.

Troops to Teachers - Tennessee: Reference Section

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