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Military - Jones International University

Jones International University Provides a Quality, Convenient, and Portable Education to Military Students

Military - Jones International University: Overview

Jones International University basically pioneered modern distance learning. It started as a television network called Mind Extension University, which was founded in 1987 by Glenn R. Jones. This format gave students the ability to take courses remotely via television. Once the internet started to gain momentum, the university shifted to an online format, which made it the first university to provide an education solely via the internet.

Considering that Jones International University basically pioneered distance learning, it has developed a curriculum that will exceed the expectations of its student body. This is a very compelling reason for a military member to pursue a degree through this institution. Our troops need to attend a university that can deliver a high-quality education while maintaining a high level of convenience and portability. In addition, a school must have a number of programs available that will not only help a military student advance his or her military career, but prepare him or her for a career following separation from the service. At the very least, Jones International University satisfies all of the aforementioned requirements.

We have established that Jones International University is a great school for a military student to consider based solely on the quality, convenience, and portability of its programs. However, it provides a number of other reasons to strongly consider it as your school of choice. For example, Jones International University has established the Military Advancement Program, which helps military students develop a plan that will lead to academic and career success. In addition, this school provides military tuition assistance, a 20% graduate tuition scholarship, and waived fees for military members and their dependents. Finally, Jones International University is already more affordable than traditional schools.

Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees are all available through Jones International University. The areas of focus for these degrees include both education and business. Students will find that their professors are not only distinguished in an academic sense, but they also have real-world experience in their particular field of expertise. This provides a tremendous advantage to Jones International University students, since they have the ability to understand current workplace challenges and the latest technological advances being utilized in the field.

Military - Jones International University: Section Description

The purpose of this page is to provide our visitors with some general information regarding Jones International University. We are confident that military members will discover Jones International University provides a number of convincing reasons to select it as the college of choice. If you have further questions or need to learn more, we recommend that you request information from Jones International University.

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Jones International Univ.

Degree Levels: Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctoral, Certificate
Campuses: Online
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